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lostcomplex_ooc's Journal

Lost Complex: Out of Character
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~*~*~* Story Line *~*~*~

Welcome to lostxxcomplex

Yes, this is a Pre-Gravi Role Play centering on NG (Nittle Grasper) and their rise to fame. While Shuichi and co will be present, they’re more minor characters for this storyline. Sorry.

Current Plot: Mostly undecided, though we do know that it’s before the series starts and will be most likely set in Tohma and Ryuichi’s final year of High School. More to come, as we finalize things.

~*~*~* Disclaimer *~*~*~

Lost Complex and its moderators accept no responsibility for actions taken by the reader. All mature content has been cut and rated.

Required Age: Before applying or you devour our naughties we ask that you are of legal age. 16. SIXTEEN.

~*~*~* Rules & Regulations *~*~*~

1. You must be over 16 years of age to play.
Exceptions might be made for those whom the mods (or trusted members) know personally, but we reserve the right to deny membership based solely on age. We realize this leaves people out, but there are dozens of RP sites out there that do not have age restrictions. Please respect this rule. If it is discovered that anyone has lied about their age, their character will be banned until it can be given to someone of proper age or deleted outright. Zero tolerance on this one, folks.

2. You are expected to post within one week of approval.
After 4 days, you will be given a friendly reminder via PM. If, once the week is up, you still have not posted, your character will either be given away or deleted outright.

3. Participation is required.
We don't want to impose a rule about minimum posts, but nor do we want the action to bog down. Two posts per week minimum; please . . .Of course if you're going to be away, post in the Appropriate Thread. If you don't meet that requirement, you will get a warning. One week after that initial warning, we do reserve the right to delete and/or replace you if you haven't posted or contacted us. If your computer breaks down, please try to get online, if only to let us know something's wrong, from a friend's house, something. That should be possible in two week's time.

4. If there's to be smut in your thread, please be sure to put a warning on the title.
If it starts to develop without a warning, add it to the description then. We've made it so all members can edit the title/desc of their threads for just this reason.

5. Any language within the role-play is fine, so long as it's in character.
No disrespect of other RPers will be tolerated out of character. We encourage questions, discussion, and even dissent. However, there is a difference between disagreement and disrespect. The first is welcomed and even encouraged. The second will get you banned. We hate to be tyrannical, but someone needs to be in charge around here.

6. Any pairing is fine, as long as it remains in character.
For example Shuichi can possibly have a one-night stand with Hiro, but he is gay and Hiro is straight. . ish, so pairing them off forever is a no no. Both parties must also agree with RP along romantic lines. For example, if the person playing Shuichi wants to have Shuichi jump Hiro, and the person playing Hiro isn’t down with that, you end up with a problem if Shuichi’s player just goes for it. We don’t want this. Use the RP Discussion thread, PM’s or email to clear such things with each other first, its just courtesy.

7. Netspeak is bad and should be shot. Avoid it at all costs.

All rules are subject to change/addition/subtraction. We're learning what works and what doesn't as we go and the rules may change due to that learning curve. If you have any questions/comments/ concerns regarding any rule, please don't hesitate to contact an Admin.

Most importantly, have fun!

~*~*~* Applications *~*~*~

The list of taken characters can be found[Here]

Go [Here] for applications.